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At Eight

Welcome, may we introduce ...

At ‘at eight’ we are passionate about food and wine ... and about gourmet lovers who relish culinary adventure. So visit ‘at eight’ restaurant and try ‘aroma cuisine’, where an intriguing combination of different spices and sauces, fresh local and exotic herbs blended with ethereal oils create the dining experience we call ‘magic served at your table’.

The restaurant features 50 seats. As well, from April-October, a nice outside terrace.
Check out our current menus here.

We are delighted to adapt the Menu to your special requests.

If you are vegetarian or intolerant to certain types of food (Lactose, Fructose, Histamine or Gluten) - inform the restaurant manager upon arrival or when you make the reservation, we are happy to help you!

Dressing up for the evening

At Eight dresses up for the evening

The latest idea for the restaurant at eight is simple, but effective. Just like people like to dress up for the evening, the restaurant at eight is now changing its look for the nighttime hours. By this, a dinner-atmosphere is created that is different and more intimate than the ambience at breakfast and lunch needs to be.