Regional Suppliers / Partners

Regional. Seasonal. Genuine.

We put great effort into ensuring our ingredients are sourced from the local region as much as possible. It’s important for us to know where the ingredients and produce for each of our dishes comes from. To this end, we keep close contact with all of our suppliers and local producers. Organic farmers, trout fisheries and bakers – all of our partners share the same passion for their products. The majority of our products come from organic farming methods. This is dedication to quality that you can really taste!


Partner Oefferl Logo

The Öfferl Organic Bakery

The Öfferl steam bakery produces the finest organic bread specialties. The twice-baked bread from the family’s steam oven is pure excellence. One of the secrets behind its unique taste is the length of time that the dough is allowed to rest – this allows flavors from the high quality, natural ingredients to develop to their fullest. With their thick crust and an intense, full-flavored taste, these delicious loaves are a real work of art. The natural ingredients and 50 years of experience in their craft can be tasted in every bite.

At Eight Partner Öfferl Bio-Bäckerei
At Eight Partner Michael Bauer - Gemüse

Waltraud & Michael Bauer

The vegetables grown by the Bauer family show just how much potential potatoes, tomatoes and other groceries can have. Ever since visiting their farm first-hand, we’ve been thoroughly convinced by their products. Our kitchen relies heavily on these tasty vegetables, local rarities and aromatic herbs grown in Austria’s fertile wine region.

Eishken Estate

Locally caught fish plays a big role in the At Eight menu. For almost 40 years, Eishken Estate – originally named after an area in the north of Scotland – has been putting emphasis on the highest quality products coming from their family-run business in Austria. Freshwater and saltwater fish are carefully chosen by hand and processed. The Eishken Estate supplies a great variety of fish, and also ensures a level of unrivaled quality that meets our kitchen’s high standards. Sustainable farming is also very important for them, which is another reason why this supplier is one of our key partners.

At Eight Partner Eishken Estate
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At Eight Partner Gutscher Müsli
Muesli manufactory Gutscher

the best way to start the day

Gutscher`s cereals are an excellent culinary delight, which not only tastes great in the morning. The muesli specialists from Lower Austria’s Sieghartskirchen represent high-quality food and excellent craftsmanship for over 200 years. The tasty crunchy muesli creations with a variety of cereals, nuts and dried fruits do not only taste excellent but are also very healthy. Gutscher pays special importance to regional produces and handpicked quality – a claim that suits us best.

Traditional butcher`s shop Gissinger –
where the ham is at home

The butchery Gissinger a family business run by the third generation. Josef and Elisabeth Fröhlich continue the long tradition of the family history and stand for unique meat delicacies. Gissinger is famous for its Viennese cooked ham, which is still produced entirely handcrafted – more than 150 meat specialities are produced here. The meat for these culinary delights comes from small farms in Lower Austria and Styria. The motto is “quality, not quantity” and the animal welfare is the first priority. The meat and sausage products of the company are constantly awarded gold at competitions.

Partner Gissinger Logo
At Eight Partner Gissinger Fleischerei
Staud's Wien Logo
Staud's Wien

Staud’s Vienna – traditional jams and pickles

Based in the Ottakring district, Staud’s is a traditional Viennese company that produces jars of masterful, artisan delicacies. Their name stands for first-rate flavors, outstanding quality and real delight for the taste buds: from their crisp asparagus tips and other pickled delicacies, to their sweet delights like fine fruit jams with apricot or raspberry. All around the world, from New York to Tokyo, these original Viennese delicacies have everyone licking their lips.

Agraria Riva del Garda –
the finest olive oil from Trentino

Lake Garda is the most northerly olive growing region in Italy. Its unique climate and the mild air flowing across the lake create just the right conditions for producing excellent olive oil with an unmistakable character. Casaliva olives give this oil a special bouquet of aromas that captivate the senses with an elegant nuttiness and subtle notes of freshly cut grass.

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