Wine Cellar

Hidden Treasures

At Eight’s wine cellar is the heart and soul of the restaurant. We have invested our time, knowledge and passion to compile an outstanding selection of exciting wines for our guests. Our selection of individual wines builds around a concept like a complete work of art – prizing character over mainstream, and authenticity over pomp. Wine is a product full of emotion, bringing together the essence of the region, the terroir and the winemaker’s own personality. It’s these qualities that we like to showcase. The wine cellar is a matter very close to our sommelier’s heart: each bottle is like a close friend waiting to be introduced to one of our guests.

The At Eight wine cellar is full of detailed insights into the world of Austrian wine, as well as a selection of special bottles from all over Europe. We are particularly interested in wines that have received little attention in spite of being full of expressiveness. Organic or biodynamic agriculture practices are followed for the production of some of these wines. The At Eight wine list includes insider recommendations from Bulgaria and Croatia, as well as from France, Germany and Austria. We brought many of these wines back from our research travels through little-known growing areas. For anyone looking to explore new tastes and winemakers, our wine cellar will serve as your own personal chamber of curiosities.
Our sommelier will be happy to provide information about private wine tastings for small groups.